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Achieving lift, together.

Helioom is a management consulting company that global business leaders trust to provide perspective and facilitate transformation that achieves enduring results.

We care as much as you do about achieving success through cutting-edge management strategies and digital transformation. Together, we will work with you to find value across boundaries, develop actionable insights and energise your team to sustain success.

The name Helioom is derived from the gas Helium, which lifts airships and balloons above earth. It reflects our ambitions for our customers and partners: lifting their business growth, their people expertise and their self-development to a higher level.

Who is Helioom

Our company was created in January 2015 by Natacha Debock.

With extensive professional expertise in management, Natacha has worked in the United States and in Belgium for start-ups and large corporations such as Proximus and Google. Natacha studied international commerce in Belgium and holds a masters in Business Administration from UC Berkeley in the US. She is also a Harvard Business School Alumni in General Management (class GMP16).

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